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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I was having Holidayz back where i grew up, BRUNEI xP

I got good news and bad news though the bad news doesnt really concern much

Bad news is i cant online much to update myself o___o
Good news is i digged up few games that i play back in the old dayz to try whether 945GM chipset can play them or not

These games i found playable :
- Black & White 2 ( Runs great with no problem, although the in-game text is hard to read)
- Just Cause ( need 3D-analyzer, force TnL)



Anonymous said...

can you look for prince of persia 2008 if it works on 945gm pleasee ??????

ElbErtZai said...

I heard alot of other 945GM user try running that game and didnt manage to run that game.. so i didnt go try that game since almost every 945GM user cant run that game from my research

Red said...

Hello there, first of all, thanks for making this blog. It's been really helpful. Btw, my friends and I really want to play Left 4 Dead (over LAN), but our sys requirements aren't good enough. Is there any third party software that we can download?

Anonymous said...

i don't know man for this game i will look a solution for that for more info I PLAYED RESIDENT EVIL 4 on my 945 gm download the game and search for the 1.10 patch it runs without 3danalyzer ITS A REALLY COOL GAME

ElbErtZai said...

ask question or share knowledge in the Discussion Section plz
Thankz for cooperation =)

Mr. Dorit said...

Hi ElbErtZai.

I see you write that Black & White 2 runs pretty well. I've always wanted to play that game, and I want to ask you, what FPS you get in the game, 'cause I see you have 2 gigs of ram, and I only have 1 gig, so performance must be better with you. And then our computers look alike perfomance-basis, though I have a better CPU (1.86). But thanks anyway, and thanks for updating this blog. Keep good work

ElbErtZai said...

It's quite smooth, I set everything in the graphic setting which is available to me( some option are disable like grass )
get more ram, it's a big hit in performance especialy in gaming for us 945GM ;)

sass said...

hi ElbErtZai, i have i did u managed to run just cause .. i used 3d analyzer but in the main menu i saw black screen with cursor and music :S help plz

ElbErtZai said...

what spec do u have?
i only tick the "force SW Tnl" and "emulate HW Tnl caps" feature in 3d-analyzer

sass said...

ahhhww...i think my problem is intel 915gm :/ and 1gb ram only .

vinayak said...

hey elbert i cant get just cause to work even on usin 3d analyzer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to get fur to show up in Black & White 2? I've tried fiddling with 3D Analyze to no effect.