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Friday, September 12, 2008


Due to the excitement of waiting for Red Alert 3 release, I couldn't find a cool and nice wallpaper that represent Red Alert 3.
Instead, I came across 2 sexy wallpapers of Natasha and Eva (Both are in-game CG characters).
At the end, I combine those 2 wallpaper into one sexy wallpaper of both of the ladies X3

This is a tribute to Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
Click on the picture for full size resolution (1280x800)

Some of you may start to wonder if Red Alert 3 is going to be playable with 945GM or not.
Well, for those who have played C&C3 Tiberium Wars, we only get to set the graphic till medium in playable FPS state.
As you know that Red Alert 3 engine is an upgrade version of C&C3 Tiberium Wars, the chances of running that game is little.
I've seen Red Alert 3 gameplays and the only worry's me is the water texture mechanism.
Even if the game is playable, wonder if the low setting will affect the gameplay during at sea(besides the visual)

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bestial_dreamer said...

Just thought I'd drop some info on this...I've got about the same comp specs as you have - at least according to this site - and I was in the RA3 beta. It runs about as smooth as CnC3, but actually allows lowest settings without crashing. The beta was just multiplayer though; I have no idea how the campaign will work out.
I'd still say it's pretty good news for those of us doomed to gaming on 945.

ElbErtZai said...

Bestial! That's Great News!
Thanks for sharing =D!
I was too late to realize the Beta so i didnt get to play it..
Btw, the water shader, how was it?
cuz it looks graphic hunger <_<
if u set to the lowest, how will it be like? will it affect gameplay?

bestial_dreamer said...

Not too much of a problem. At lowest settings, the water is perfectly bland - No shading at all, just a transparent blue pool.
As far as I've seen, it's got no effects on the gameplay whatsoever.

ElbErtZai said...

You brought high hopes for all 945gm gamerz out there =D!
How was RA3 so far through your analyze compare to C&C3?
any lag on some situation or occasion?
what Window OS are you using?

bestial_dreamer said...

I've got Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, so I imagine the performance on XP will be better as it doesn't take half as much memory.
About the lag...Well, the game is playable alright unless there's a huge - and I mean really huge,we're talking 50+ units here - battle going on. Of course, it's slow, but if you could play CnC3, you can play this. One point I'd like to stress is that there's no equivalent to the lag I (don't know about the others) had whenever a huge tiberium field came into view.
Keep in mind this this concerns four player skirmish at most, though, since the maps for the beta were only 1v1 and 2v2. The campaign will probably be far more taxing since it's supposed to be cooperative, which means a)more units, b)another AI at your side taking up your processing space.

...And yeah, the game is good. Much better than CnC3, but that's really not saying much, seeing that that game was a far as CnC goes. As an old fan of the series, I'd say that RA3 is the first EA CnC that can actually hold true the legacy Westwood created.

ElbErtZai said...

Im using Window Vista Ultimate 64-bit for now, I think Vista enables our chipset to 256mb and with SDK feature (dont know wat it does exactly), while there's no update for XP driver for a long time..
Well, thankz for the info so much..Can't wait for it's release x3

Nuclear_Medicine said...

Great news. thank you
I upgrade my laptop to 2GB
I just worry about my Display intel 945

I already place my pre-order
thanks for you I am going to buy the greatest PC game

thank you again

bestial_dreamer said...

Well, just don't blame me if the retail game doesn't run. The beta did, but there still may be some changes.
I'm not buying it due to the idiotic DRM, but I sure as hell look forward to playing it when it leaks.

ankit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bestial_Dreamer said...

Just got my full version. It works, albeit a bit slowly, bud I'd hazard a guess that's due to the rest of my computer specs being crap.
Anyway, this game is playable.