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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star Wars Frenzy!

Mod of Hope
Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition is unplayable big time =_=
Thanks to some jackass i get pump up for nothing trying to play the game O_o
Well..Hope is not over yet..
Remember the Knights of the Force Total Conversion for Jedi Academy?
Yup, There's 2 Sub Mod for Knights of the Force, Dark Lord's Hunt and The Sith Apprentice
Both of these mod are somewhat related to The Force Unleashed

In The Dark Lord's Hunt, You play as Darth Vader himself during the attack in Kashyyyk.

For More info, Go to

In The Sith Apprentice Mod, You play as, well, the Main character from the original game The Force Unleashed. This is a fan-made Mod which include mix of missons pack.

There's no official site for this so u gonna have to find them on your own =/

There's a mod community which focus on developing a total conversion for Jedi Academy which is based on The Force Unleashed. Mod name call Jedi Academy Unleashed. Looks very promising and I cant wait to get my hands on that XD

For More Info, Go to

Happy Gaming & May the Force Be With You

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News Updates

AngelicTears Frankenstein!
AngelicTears 1.1Final MD has been released for 64bit user
I've installed and tried it, works splendidly in boosting game performance, not much but quite noticeable in some games plus it's stable.
Get the MD and read more about it HERE

ReArm & Return to Torchlight!
TorchLight 1.2 version has been released
Game Performance has been improve slightly which makes the game quite smoother to play with in Window 7. So far the few early dungeons doesn't drop down alot FPS like last time..not sure how this will be in the later mid level dungeons <_<..
For those of you who havent tried out the game, should definetly try it out especially fans of Diablo waiting for Diablo 3
For more info HERE

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has a co-op mode which rocks!
Being able to play with a buddy as duo high tech stealth agents is really cool x3
There's no need of 3D analyzer or any other workaround tools to get the game running in Window 7.

Can I be the Darth Vader's Greatest Apprentice?
Im currently curious about the Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition for PC. I've heard rumors and even seen video of people actually playing it using 950GMA with spectacular FPS. But Judging by the official game specification I thought this game is almost impossible to even worth trying due to the "3.0 pixel shader" thingy <_<...
Well..Wont know unless I try..

Playable and Unplayable Games has been minorly updated..
THat's All the News updates I have for now..
Be sure to stay tune for more information or you can just click the "Follow" to be catch the latest posts and updates..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Window 7 & Modded Driver @@

Just to let everyone know that from now on..I'm using Window 7 Ultimate 64x
So far it is like DotA, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Red Alert 3 works with no problem d^-^b

Although i had to admit..Modded Driver boost gaming performance quite alot @_@
Currently I am using AngelicTears's Modded Driver for Window 7 64x
It was superbly great and i recommand anyone getting Window 7 to install his magnificient piece of work rite away (on ur own risk of coz) xD
His modded driver is also available to Vista too =D
so for more information go to this link to know more about his latest news ^-^b
Click Here

P.S. Waiting for his latest v1.1 modded driver for 64x xP

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back With Updated News

I got bad news and good news

The Bad News D=

Ghostbuster The Video Game can't be played, it won't start up and pop up error msg saying 945GM has no Vertex shader and Pixel Shader 3.0..Guess I think analyze the game properly before i went to buy and tested it..what a waste <_<

Same goes to Dead Space..popping error msg on the start..

Guess there's no ghouls or ghost busting for us in the meantime..

The Good News =D

I know it's a bit outdated to say this but..
Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath is playable with no problem.. We got Epic Units!

As long as you set the shader detail to medium..there wont be no crash at all..



This mod is Splendid..Although the current version includes 2 faction, it does give a quite punch when it comes to warfare battle..

Zeppelin O.o..Not Friendly..Lesson from RA3 Soviet Kirov Airship

The return of Scud Storm in action..The good old dayz of C&C General

At any should check it out at

Time to get back to some commanding and conquering..I'll see you guyz in the battlefield!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Life

An apologize to all..
Eversince i got my new job last month..I had less time to do what i want..

Half studying and half working is very energy and time consuming..leaving me no time to test games out there or helping any request problem =/

So because i had a job, i am able to buy games instead of download them(which is time consuming)
But still next game i wanted to try is as following:
  • Ghostbuster
  • The Sims 3
  • Dead Space (Been trying to test this a long time but never got the game completely)
  • Upcoming Starcraft 2
Eversince i got my new phone (Sony Ericsson G705), I've been playing the java games all the time which is the only entertainment i had on the go..but still, I still love playing PC game..just that i have to settle stuff for these coming 3 months..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry for not updating for such a long time xD
I was busy modding my Motorola E398 for these times..It wasn't easy i assume you but very satisfy if successfully modded it (^^)b
and yea..I never will stop testing PC games ;)
I will post my latest finding soon and will update the "playable" & "unplayable" section occasionally

Stay tuned for more yo d(^^)b

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Let's get to the bottom line, Tom Clancy's HAWX is an air combat game set in the world of Tom Clancy's Universe (The storyline is somehow related to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter). Intensive dogfight with cutting-edge technology makes HAWX one of the best arcade style air combat game.

HAWX introduce a E.R.S. (ENHANCED REALISTIC SYSTEM) which helps you to become ace pilot of the future. It allows you to monitor over all situation in the HUD which include radars, tactical map, incoming missile detection, weapons trajectory control and so on. E.R.S. also allow you to issue orders to their squadron.

The E.R.S. will guide you a path to either lock a target
or avoid an incoming missle when activated

What's really cool about HAWX is the Assistance Mode feature. In Assistance Mode, you'll get the help from E.R.S. but Switching to Assistance Mode off, you will be brought to a stunning third person view and gain advanced dogfight maneuvers while increasing risk since E.R.S. will be disabled in this mode.

Issuing Orders using Voice Command can be handy and cool

There are about 50 most famous aircraft to unlock and choose throughout the game. HAWX enable player to experiance through the campaign solo entirely or jump in to 4 player Co-op mode and PvP challenge up 15 players in multiplayer.

You'll be gaining experience throughout the game to
level up and unlock more jets and firepower

Tom Clancy's HAWX Trailer

For more information about the game visit:

HAWX is playable thankz to Alvin's information, Credit Goes to Him ^^
You'll need 3D-analyze to run the game.
Open up your 3D-analyze, Click "Select" and locate the HAWX game folder then selct the "HAWX.exe"
Tick the "emulate HW TnL caps" and click "Run"
You'll be good to go ^^b

I'm getting around 23 FPS with this setting:
Resolution = 800x600
View Distance = Medium
Environment= Medium
Texture = High
Heat Engine = On
DDR = On
Others set to low and off

I have created a Hamachi Server dedicated to 945GM HAWX gamer
Username : HAWX945
Password : revo945

Monday, March 9, 2009

Magical Battle Arena

Developed by Fly-System, Magical Battle Arena is a doujin game featuring cute anime girls like Nanoha and Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Sakura from Cardcaptop Sakura and other anime series. MBA is a third person view action game with intense magical battle in sky high.

Character Selection in Story Mode

Split Screen for 2 player

Intense Magical Abilities and Power

Promotional Video

The current latest version of the game (ver.1.51 Lyrical Expansion) provide new modes (mission and survival mode) and characters (Hayate, Vita and Nanoha from StrikerS) to play with which extend the gameplay of the original.

Lyrical Expansion provide More and Intense Battle

Promotional Video

Anime fans should definitely check out this game. It's a lot of fun playing together with your buddies either with 2 player split screen or through hamachi in network mode. Using cool finishing move is very amusing to watch while your opponent get pawnz!

Magical Battle Arena Official Website click here

Full Translation Guide click here

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PCSX2 Playground

Firstly, sorry for the delay cause i was still testing the emulator configuration for better result.

With the release of PCSX2 Playground, Light has shined away all those nightmarish FPS we're getting over the past version of PCSX2 and it show a big performance improvement! Yes! We Intel 945GM user finally get our chances to play PS2 games! ( This is also apply to 965GM user as it was tested there too)

Although it is not stable yet(heck, this is the best damn thing already that exist!), I was able to play Final Fantasy X!
The normal FPS (Frame Per Second) is 60.00. Most of the time, the game would normally run below normal game speed. Sometime even worst (70% above FPS drop due to graphic effects)
Here are some screenshot with FPS monitoring:

During In game

During Battlemode

During Cutscene

After days of configuration for best result, I will post a guide here on how to configure for best result that i found:

Warning! Any harms done to your computer are strictly you're own responsibilities! Do not blame or acuse me or anyone if you are following this guide! You have been WARNED!

You'll will need at least Core 2 Duo Processor as it depends on it

First thing first,
1) Download the emulator from the official website, click here
The current version of PCSX2 Playground I'm using is 1.0.0395 (Credit goes to all the PCSX2 and PCSX2 Playground Developer Team)

2) Read the official guide for the knowledge you need to know before you follow my configuration guide. click here

3) Alright, now download the graphic plugin call "GSDX", the latest version for now is 0.1.14, then extract to the plugin folder found in the PCSX2 folder. (make sure u have the latest Direct X installed) (Credit goes to "Gabest". click here)

4) Now let's start configuring: (I'll be guiding on how to configure step by step)
a) Graphics:
- Choose "GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.14" for Core 2 Duo user only, SSE2 for Single Core and Duo Core user, SSE4 for Quad Core user
- In the Graphics Configure Option, check the "Native" box

b) Sound:
- Choose "PE.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0"

c) First/Second Controller:
- "Lilypad" is good for keyboard while "SSSPSX PAD" is good for joypad/controller

d) Cdvdrom
- "Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin 0.7.0"
- In the Cdvdrom configure option, choose your source drive of where your game is located.

e) Dev9, Usb, Firewire
- Leave it to default

- Allocate your BIOS from your BIOS folder in the PCSX2 folder
- DO NOT ASK where to get these files!

The configuration is completely setup, now for the extra setting to boost performance!

5) In the COnfig tab, u will see other options like CPU, Gamefixes, Speedhacks and Advanced. I'll go through it one by one.
a) CPU
- check the "Multi threaded GS mode (MTGS)" box (only for Core 2 Duo and Quad Core user)
- check the "Limit" box on the right in the Frame Limiting Section (This is due to the Speedhack function, it accelerates the normal game to 2x/3x more frames, therefore limit speed option is a must to control the game speed if it accelerates too fast)

b) GameFixes
- only use this if you're playing the games that are listed in there

c) Speed Hacks
- Check the option that are listed:
- Disable VU Overflow
- Disable Underflow
- Disable Extra VU Flags
- Disable Extra FPU Flags
- EE Sync Hack
- IOP Sync Hack
- EE/IOP Sync Hack
- Escape Hack

d) Advanced
- In EE Recs Option, Roundmode choose "Chop/Zero" option
- In VU Recs Option, check both "Flush to Zero" and "Denormals are Zero" option

Hint: This configuration is based on Final Fantasy X (Use "pcsx2_Pg_VM" executable file for better performance)
If you configure it properly then Congratz and Enjoy!

For more information or guide, go to the official website. Click here

P.S. I will try other PS2 games and see how other games work out. Discuss around in this post for any question or feedback of your own findings =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Coming End of Chinese New Year 2009!

Hey All!
I know I know, I haven't been upload since so long XP
But rest assure my comradez, these long days of researching had come up an excellent result! XD

I have BIG NEWS to annouce and will upload as soon as possible =P
Hint: It has something to do with PS2 =O!!!!

So stay tuned!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I was having Holidayz back where i grew up, BRUNEI xP

I got good news and bad news though the bad news doesnt really concern much

Bad news is i cant online much to update myself o___o
Good news is i digged up few games that i play back in the old dayz to try whether 945GM chipset can play them or not

These games i found playable :
- Black & White 2 ( Runs great with no problem, although the in-game text is hard to read)
- Just Cause ( need 3D-analyzer, force TnL)