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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Spore is an unique and interesting game.
It plays as an evolution of life. There are 5 phases of evolution, from a tiny micro organism cell to a galactic space age.
Spore has a wide range and variety of customization throughout the game. The only limits is your imagination.

The game mainly let's you start of as a tiny cell in the cell phases, which let you choose either herbivorous or carnivorous. Which depends on your playing style. Later as you progress, you'll find new parts for your creature.To customize your creature, you call for a mate to give birth a new specie of your creature once you done customizing.
As you progress, you'll be ready to evolution in the second phase which is the creature phase.

This is when your creature walks on land. In this phase, you mainly explore and find parts around the land. You'll meet other creatures as you explore around. How you want to interact with them is up to you. Either use social way to be friend with them or fight and dominate them.
As your creature progress, it's "brain" become bigger until you enter into the third age, which is the tribal age.
In this phase, the gameplay mechanism becomes real-time strategy style. Instead of controlling one of your creature, you now control all of your kind. In this phase, you'll command your creatures to gather food, gather wild creatures to be your pets and explore the rest of the land. As there are other tribes in the area, your goal is to dominate all tribe by either conquering them with force or be friend with them by playing instruments.
After dominating all tribe, you'll find your creatures declaring you to make a town hall for them as they advance into the forth phase which is the civilization phase.

The civilization phase plays the same way as tribal phase except this time, it plays in a larger scope. You won't be able to control your creature starting from this phase as you start to control vehicle type of land, sea and air. In this phase, you start with your nation, dominating other nation through either military power, economic power or religion power. As you dominate all of the nation, your creature starts to construct your first spaceship.
Thus entering the final phase, the space phase. This is where it's get more interesting than the previous phases. You now control your spaceship only. As you zoom out from your planet to the solar system, you'll find other planet orbiting around it. If that's not enough, zooming all the way out and you'll find yourself looking at the galactic universe. There's a lot to do in this phase. Ranging from accomplishing missions to colonize other planets. It's just playing endlessly.

For more information visit:

Thanks to Maxis, which they aim to let majority scope of hardware specs to play Spore.
With 1024x768 and all settings to low(except graphic effects and player model quality to medium), I'm getting around 15~32 FPS, it will depends as the FPS will drop dramatically when there's too much stuff happening on the screen.
There is an issue when the creature texture did not load properly. The only solution is don't keep changing resolution while playing the game.


Anonymous said...

hey man nice blog .. .. well some of the unplayable games which u have mentioned like need for speed carbon and civilization 4 works in intel GMA 950 carbon works in vista .. with an fps of 13-23 ...

ElbErtZai said...

Post this topic at the mainpage, not here. This is for the discussion related to SPORE only.

It's unplayable in Window XP

Mr. Dorit said...

Thanks for the review. I just bought the game, and it's really smooth in the graphics. I'm so glad that they made support for the 945gm.
I don't know if it have something to do with the chipset, but the game allways crashed during the transistion from the cell fase to the creature fase. I fixed it by going into window mode (Alt+Enter), and lowering the cache to 512 kb.
Hope it helps someone.
Thanks again...

ElbErtZai said...

I've seen some of my other friend having this problem..but his laptop is ATi Xpress 200M so i thought it wont affect to us..
You might be over using your virtual ram which result the game to crash?
Well, thanks for the info mate ;)

Zorg said...

Spore works fine ,without problems on LOW and High config.

btw this is good blog and it is very useful for gamers on the Intel 945 chipset.I have tested a couple of games from your lists ( old blog) and works fine"

however I do not understand why : ( do not work )
NFS: Carbon
Sid Meier's Civilization IV
Spiderman 3 the game
Starship Trooper

I can play without problems.

btw sorry i posted here partially it's not related to the post

Addicting Games said...

Spore is awesome the game lets you travel the galaxy. There are over 500,000 unique planets to explore! That's just unbelievable! Also you can create any type of creature and all the creatures you run into are from other players. No other game can claim this.. The best part of this game is the space phase, you could spend a lifetime exploring all the planets and meeting new creatures.. This game is limitless, there is no other game that comes close to this one.
Anyway, if you have time, take a visit to my Free Games website.