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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life Goes On...With a New Baby!

Sorry for not posting for like almost a year @_@'''
Life is busy and too much is going all this time..
Sad News is,
Im here to announce that I may not going to update this blog anymore cause I finally got my own Gaming Rig! Customized CPU
  • i3-530 2.93Ghz processor
  • 2GB DDR3 Ram
  • ATi Radeon 5850
  • 1TB HDD
  • H55M-UD2H Motherboard
  • Cooler Master Casing
Because of limited budget(Cost around RM2200+ something in where i bought), these was the only parts that i was able to buy, sacrificing the processor for a very good graphic card worths alot. The motherboard that i specifically chosen allows me for future upgrades (Motherboard is very important so i suggest get the better one, other parts can wait) . The only Hardware I'm lacking now is a 24 inch++ Monitor, Gaming Keyboard+Mouse and a Blasting good Speakers.

Gaming Performance?
I was able to get Max Setting on all games with smooth performance (Starcraft II, Dead Space, Assassin Creeds II, Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor 2010, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, etc..)
I haven't try out Crysis on this baby yet so im not sure whether Im able to get Max Setting
PCSX2 performance still varies but was able to get a smooth performance so far (Final Fantasy Series and Kingdom Hearts Series)

A photo of my new Baby before saying Goodbye =D


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star Wars Frenzy!

Mod of Hope
Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition is unplayable big time =_=
Thanks to some jackass i get pump up for nothing trying to play the game O_o
Well..Hope is not over yet..
Remember the Knights of the Force Total Conversion for Jedi Academy?
Yup, There's 2 Sub Mod for Knights of the Force, Dark Lord's Hunt and The Sith Apprentice
Both of these mod are somewhat related to The Force Unleashed

In The Dark Lord's Hunt, You play as Darth Vader himself during the attack in Kashyyyk.

For More info, Go to

In The Sith Apprentice Mod, You play as, well, the Main character from the original game The Force Unleashed. This is a fan-made Mod which include mix of missons pack.

There's no official site for this so u gonna have to find them on your own =/

There's a mod community which focus on developing a total conversion for Jedi Academy which is based on The Force Unleashed. Mod name call Jedi Academy Unleashed. Looks very promising and I cant wait to get my hands on that XD

For More Info, Go to

Happy Gaming & May the Force Be With You