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Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's Next?

Upcoming Prince of Persia this Dec 07
Currently looking forward to the release of the new Prince of Persia coming this December
Our Prince don't have any sand ability so there's no rewinding in this sequel but instead gain a new ally (Elika, Princess from another kingdom) with him throughout most part of the game.
so far I've researched about the game is that the game character model is cel-shaded texture (anime style graphic) and it seem that the world environment is getting bigger and wider.

Prince of Persia Gameplay

For more information visit:

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Next?

Upcoming game Left 4 Dead this Nov 18
Currently, I'm downloading it's demo through Steam online
With the promising gameplay like 4 player Co-op and AI Director(enhance spawn and controlling of zombies by AI)
As I've heard it uses Steam Engine of Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2, chances of Left 4 Dead to be playable is high.

Just this morning i finish downloaded Left 4 Dead Demo through Steam and got to try it out first.
So far its kinda disappointing cuz of some performance hit during in large areas like on street or during hordes of zombies come attacking. I have set the graphic setting to the lowest(except the page file allocation to high since it will use more ram to boost performance)

In XP, The texture of the surrounding is very bright which spoil the atmosphere of the game.

That problem doesn't exist in Vista though. The only problem is the lagness during in large areas which could lethally spoil the whole gameplay.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The sequel to the command & conquer franchise is back, Red Alert 3 no doubt is an awesome Real-Time Strategy game.
Albert Einstein got zapped O.O!

In Red Alert 3, the Soviet travel back in time to eliminate Albert Einstein, where as when return to the present time, alter the timeline thus preventing the Allies from winning the war. The outcome was indeed what soviet has hoped to be success but in the alternative present timeline, a new nation stood up from the east, calling themselves the Empire of the Rising Sun. The campaign introduce the storyline nicely and the cut scenes are great to watch.

The Invasion of the Rising Sun Begins!

Soviet and Allies are back with newer arsenals and technology, plus a whole new faction, Empire of the Rising Sun. All three faction has it's own unique playing style especially in constructing structures. Sea plays a major role as buildings are able to construct on it. Red Alert 3 focus on all land,sea and air which result in a wide range of strategies and tactics. The replacement ore field with an ore mine is acceptable though as one ore collector harvest back and forth between Ore Refinery and the Ore Mine.

Soviet has a lot of menacing arsenal up in their sleeve

The physic of the game is noticeable like air unit falling and damage any land units or structure it crush on. The campaign is fun to play with plus an AI co-commander assisting you throughout the mission. A new addition feature is the cooperative campaign with you can coop with your buddy(replacing the AI co-commander position) online to play through all the campaign together.

The Tesla technology is back, packing a lot of UuuhF!

Some memorable units like Allies's Aircraft Carrier and Soviet's Apocalypse Tank are back but serve more purposes than they were in Red Alert 2. This applies to all units in Red Alert 3 as each of them has a secondary function. Some units are able to travel both land and sea. The Rising Sun has unique units as some of them can switch mode like the Mecha Tengu which it's secondary function can transform into a Jet mode Tengu. More info on the units click here

Soviet Twinblade can act as a transport for units especially Apocalyte tank

Rising Sun Nanoswarm protects against anything

Another new feature is the Top-Secret Protocol which are side powers. Some of which are passive like the Allies Air Superiority upgrade which upgrades all the air units to do more damage or the Rising Sun Fortifiet Fleet which makes your naval units faster with stronger defense and better naval scanners. Active protocol power like the Soviet Orbital Strike or the Rising Sun Final Squadron. Protocol power can be devastating and when use it right can turn the tide of war lethally. Let's don't forget about the Superweapon shall we as each faction has 2 superweapons, one is offensive like the Soviet Vacuum Imploder and the other is defensive like the Allies Chronosphere.

All faction has it's own unique protocol power

The only problem with Red Alert 3 is the waypoint of the units which sometime, unit walk a far way around to it's given destination or get stuck in a location. These problem can be ignored and forgiven as Red Alert 3 provide a lot of mayhem and laugh thus resulting in a fun RTS game. Welcome Back Comrades!

Allies ready for another naval assault

For more information visit:

Adjust your graphic setting until you found the right setting for your spec,
The best graphic setting for me is:
Resolution = 1024*768
Water, Texture and Shader Detail = Medium
Model Detail = High
Vertical Sync = Yes (not sure what it does)
Other Detail are low, no AA, no vertical sync, no shadow

There's one glitch is that sometime the Allies Time Bomb wont show the timer countdown and smiley icon when it detonates. This happen when your FPS couldn't catch up, it means it wont show if your FPS couldnt catch up the animation, lag!

Allies put a smile to their enemy before they go BooM

If only the VFX detail can be set to Medium since it allow more nicer visual to the effects plus yellow line noticeable on selected units but performance can suffer a great fall =(
Anyway, overall it's still playable and great game even for us 945GM Gamer! d^-^b