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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Let's get to the bottom line, Tom Clancy's HAWX is an air combat game set in the world of Tom Clancy's Universe (The storyline is somehow related to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter). Intensive dogfight with cutting-edge technology makes HAWX one of the best arcade style air combat game.

HAWX introduce a E.R.S. (ENHANCED REALISTIC SYSTEM) which helps you to become ace pilot of the future. It allows you to monitor over all situation in the HUD which include radars, tactical map, incoming missile detection, weapons trajectory control and so on. E.R.S. also allow you to issue orders to their squadron.

The E.R.S. will guide you a path to either lock a target
or avoid an incoming missle when activated

What's really cool about HAWX is the Assistance Mode feature. In Assistance Mode, you'll get the help from E.R.S. but Switching to Assistance Mode off, you will be brought to a stunning third person view and gain advanced dogfight maneuvers while increasing risk since E.R.S. will be disabled in this mode.

Issuing Orders using Voice Command can be handy and cool

There are about 50 most famous aircraft to unlock and choose throughout the game. HAWX enable player to experiance through the campaign solo entirely or jump in to 4 player Co-op mode and PvP challenge up 15 players in multiplayer.

You'll be gaining experience throughout the game to
level up and unlock more jets and firepower

Tom Clancy's HAWX Trailer

For more information about the game visit:

HAWX is playable thankz to Alvin's information, Credit Goes to Him ^^
You'll need 3D-analyze to run the game.
Open up your 3D-analyze, Click "Select" and locate the HAWX game folder then selct the "HAWX.exe"
Tick the "emulate HW TnL caps" and click "Run"
You'll be good to go ^^b

I'm getting around 23 FPS with this setting:
Resolution = 800x600
View Distance = Medium
Environment= Medium
Texture = High
Heat Engine = On
DDR = On
Others set to low and off

I have created a Hamachi Server dedicated to 945GM HAWX gamer
Username : HAWX945
Password : revo945


Maulana said...

Good, finally i play this game in my lappy... thanks for ElbertZai and Alvin

galahs said...

Yep the game plays fine on my dual core 1.6GHZ laptop with 2GB RAM and the 945GM chipset if you use 3D Analyser

alex said...

hey, i run linux on my computer although i have a 945gm graphics card , will i still be able to play this game in linux because i don't think there's any software called 3d-analyzer in linux.?

ElbErtZai said...

I dont know whether 3D-analyzer works in Linux or not, there's no other way around except using that software =/

Anonymous said...

Ok. I know this since i have downloaded the demo. When i turn HDR on, the graphics is completely corrupted. ElbertZai, how can you turn HDR without anything happen. Sorry for my bad English

VietnameseKids said...

Hey if you patch the game to version 1.02, it will not runs anymore. Elbert, can you find out how to make it work again.

ElbErtZai said...

our chipset is not capable to display HDR feature so that's why u get corrupted graphics..

I never patch the game but i can give a few suggestion:
etiher reinstall everything(exclude the patch) or find a 1.02 No-CD Crack

David Hoang said...

what about the rip 2.9Gb version
i use it and got a dump file
updated all driver and direct x :(

Anonymous said...

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meek said...

Your playable list is incorrect civ 4 can be played with a lil slow down online

denilugito said...

When i play at the jungle scenery or at the place where there are no lot of environment to render, the game fps is fine and playable. But, when i got into a stage where there are a lot of environment (such as building in Chicago, etc) the fps is dropping drastically. Is there any setting in the 3d analyzer that can fixed that??