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Monday, August 17, 2009

Back With Updated News

I got bad news and good news

The Bad News D=

Ghostbuster The Video Game can't be played, it won't start up and pop up error msg saying 945GM has no Vertex shader and Pixel Shader 3.0..Guess I think analyze the game properly before i went to buy and tested it..what a waste <_<

Same goes to Dead Space..popping error msg on the start..

Guess there's no ghouls or ghost busting for us in the meantime..

The Good News =D

I know it's a bit outdated to say this but..
Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath is playable with no problem.. We got Epic Units!

As long as you set the shader detail to medium..there wont be no crash at all..



This mod is Splendid..Although the current version includes 2 faction, it does give a quite punch when it comes to warfare battle..

Zeppelin O.o..Not Friendly..Lesson from RA3 Soviet Kirov Airship

The return of Scud Storm in action..The good old dayz of C&C General

At any should check it out at

Time to get back to some commanding and conquering..I'll see you guyz in the battlefield!