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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Power of Dual Channel

Just after the PC fair, I got myself another 1GB ram and slot it into my lappy and get a dual channel 2GB ram (same size and speed)

Gaming performance has increase and the base score rating in Vista is increasing from 2.5 to 3.1!

I only tested playing Red Alert 3 and im able to set it 1280x768 resolution(which able to see further than 1024x768) with model and texture detail to high without lag.
I got small problem in Red Alert 3 which annoys me, did anyone have this problem when you're playing the Empire of the Rising Sun and the building is just green texture when unpacking?

Because when i saw my friend lappy playing EoRS, when the core unpack the building, the building is coming up from the bottom to the top digitally. I remember i dont have this problem last month ago o_O
Anyone know any fix to this?

Rappelz Online is playable in maximum graphic setting =D

Few Dayz later my Whole Vista Malfunctioned for some reason so i had to reformat again.
I install and update everything from scratch and to my surprise, the EoRs core unpacking texture was fix O.O

The only thing that i didn't update is the graphic driver, I'm using the default driver version


The heck with EoRs Building Core's animation =_="
the bug return and the core building animation became green texture again
think there is something to do with after i install the FRAP program <_<


Anonymous said...

Hi,are you still able to play Rappelz online with your laptop?! I have a very similar one and i used to be able to play. But lately, Sframe.exe has been crashing at start. Just wondering if they changed the requirements or not.


ElbErtZai said...

im playing Rappelz from Asiasoft not from Gpotato xD

CyberNetizen said...

I also have this Empire build animation bug. Structures just fade into the green silhouette. This doesn't seem to be a problem just for 945GM gamers as it affects us X3100 users as well.

CyberNetizen said...

Update: My sis-in-law doesn't have this build animation bug even though she's got an X3100 on her HP laptop. I also installed FRAPS on it which means this isn't the culprit either.

Both of us have the 15.9 drivers so it isn't in the drivers probably.

Both of you have the t5500 so it isn't a processor issue either.

??? We'll get to the bottom of this.

Merry Christmas to you and to all reading this blog.