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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News Updates

AngelicTears Frankenstein!
AngelicTears 1.1Final MD has been released for 64bit user
I've installed and tried it, works splendidly in boosting game performance, not much but quite noticeable in some games plus it's stable.
Get the MD and read more about it HERE

ReArm & Return to Torchlight!
TorchLight 1.2 version has been released
Game Performance has been improve slightly which makes the game quite smoother to play with in Window 7. So far the few early dungeons doesn't drop down alot FPS like last time..not sure how this will be in the later mid level dungeons <_<..
For those of you who havent tried out the game, should definetly try it out especially fans of Diablo waiting for Diablo 3
For more info HERE

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has a co-op mode which rocks!
Being able to play with a buddy as duo high tech stealth agents is really cool x3
There's no need of 3D analyzer or any other workaround tools to get the game running in Window 7.

Can I be the Darth Vader's Greatest Apprentice?
Im currently curious about the Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition for PC. I've heard rumors and even seen video of people actually playing it using 950GMA with spectacular FPS. But Judging by the official game specification I thought this game is almost impossible to even worth trying due to the "3.0 pixel shader" thingy <_<...
Well..Wont know unless I try..

Playable and Unplayable Games has been minorly updated..
THat's All the News updates I have for now..
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Aspire said...

In Torchlight, as you go deeper into the dungeon, you will have to lower your settings to the point of switching off shadow which makes the atmosphere look bored. But that was when I tried it with XP, not sure about 7 though...

Anonymous said...

I hope Left 4 dead 2 is compatible with 945gm, because the minimum requirements is the same is the Left 4 dead 1, and the 1 is fully playable in my notebook with Windows 7 :)